All power corrupts
July 4, 2007, 11:16 am
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At last it’s over and so it has begun. The America’s Cup always was like no other sports event but now it is to be so different as to be weird. In no other sport would even a governing body try to control the activities of the clubs that take part, never mind one individual control the affairs of all the competitors and charge them for making him money. But that is what is happening in the America’s Cup as America’s Cup Management, which is wholly owned by defence syndicate backer Ernesto Bertarelli, issues not only a new protocol for America’s Cup 33 but a participation agreement for the challenger syndicates that will handcuff them completely. What may be good is that the experiment with taking regattas to host ports around Europe was such a success that it will be expanded – though how much compulsion there will be or whether they will count for a seeding system is yet to be unveiled. What is for sure is that such a level of dictatorship has to be either very self-disciplined or be transparently vulnerable to outside influence.


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This is superb objective analysis. We need more clear and honest thinkers like this to get the reality conveyed to the public and to sometimes ignorant reporters. It’s not a bad thing that the cup is in Europe but it’s a bad thing to have it controlled in this way. Megalomania is the word for Mr Bertarelli. The sooner he is separated from his “precious” the better for the sport. The Amerca’s Cup should be bigger than one man.

Comment by matt

To me the way Bertarelli lifted the cup at the prize giving before Butterworth the skipper said everything about him. I cant think of a regatta I have been to where a team funder or after guard has lifted a series cup before the skipper of the boat.
And it looks like he and his company have pretty much destroyed the LV cup and the 25 year hostory of the challenger series. What a shame and shame on Bertaralli.

Comment by Murray

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